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For a cost effective fixed monthly fee you get a comprehensive set of services to handle all of your technology needs. Unlimited responsive end user support, complete technology management 24/7/365, and strategic guidance are included in the plan. Below is a high level overview of what the plan includes.

CIO Services

Every technology platform is improved when it is reviewed by a skilled technology “expert” who understands the needs of the business. The goal of CIO Services is to give your firm access to the same strategic thinking available to the big players in your industry. Waident will assign a CIO advisor to your account with the intent of reviewing your use of technology, learning your business, and expanding your thought process on how the execution of your business might be enhanced through the use of technology. The following is a brief overview of the formal interaction you will have with your CIO:

  • On call advisor helping you implement technology plans which support your business plan.
  • Quarterly system and service performance reviews, as well as a strategic review to ensure the business goals are in line with the technology initiatives.
  • Annual planning input to enhance your budget process as it relates to technology purchases and software upgrades. We will present the array of market alternatives and present a recommendation that aligns your investment with the expected projected returns (user efficiency or system performance).


Phone/E-Mail Support
Our focus is on supporting the people using the technology. Waident help desk support personnel stand ready to handle your request.

Remote Control Support
Waident will install a software utility on your system enabling you to cede operating control of a desktop to your Waident technician. “Watch us work” while you walk us through the problem you are experiencing. This software utility increases the percentage of operating issues that can be addressed remotely. Your system and employee downtime will be reduced. 

On Site Support
Waident will dispatch a technician to your site to install, implement or work through a system performance issue that can not be addressed remotely.

“After Hours” Support
Our core service offering is designed to provide maximum coverage during normal business hours across the continental US. We understand, however, that the demands of your business often require your people to work outside these boundaries. After normal business hours your email or voicemail request for assistance initiates a “broadcast” email that is sent to every member of the Waident team.

Waident monitors the performance of your technology platform 24/7.


Remote Asset Reporting
Waident installs a software tool that maintains an accurate inventory of your hardware components and licensed software products. Tracking license compliance and planning for software upgrades is enhanced.

Request Reporting
Waident gives you the option to access our helpdesk log to see “real time” the issues being raised by your employees.

Desktop Optimization
Waident installs a software tool that performs a series of routines during a window of time when the desktop is not in use to isolate spyware, viruses, and temp files – all contributors to reduced desktop performance.

Event Log Monitoring
Waident monitors the performance of your technology platform to be proactive in our response efforts. Event logs reveal potential system problems. We address these items in advance of your employees experiencing any system performance issues.

Log File Maintenance
Waident actively maintains your log file to minimize disc storage utilization and to maximize server performance.

Drive Space Monitoring
Waident monitors your disc storage space use and proactively alerts you to either delete files or add storage capacity.

MS Exchange Monitoring
Email has become the critical business tool for internal and external communications. Waident monitors the responsiveness of your exchange service to ensure it is performing optimally.

MS SQL Server Monitoring
Database systems have become one of the critical business tools in today’s network environment. Waident monitors the responsiveness of your SQL servers to ensure they are performing optimally.

Backup Monitoring & Administration
Corporate data and transaction history is vital to your business. Waident will work with you to define the appropriate backup protocol and to monitor its performance.

Quarterly Performance Assessment
Each quarter, your CIO will pay you a formal visit to share with you our perspective on the overall health of your technology platform and to elicit from you your assessment of our service delivery system. The intent is to be proactive and to address any technology issues or service delivery issues in advance of them having a negative impact on your business.


Virus Definitions
Waident actively monitors your virus definitions with daily system updates to prevent network corruption.

Firewall Management
Active firewall management is a critical component of your technology plan to offset the efforts of hackers, phishers, Spam and viruses. Waident will actively monitor your firewall and keep you abreast of industry “best practices” as it relates to security.

VPN Management
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure “conduit” through which your employees can access your network remotely. Waident can establish, manage and support this “conduit” for you.

File Sharing Administration
The first step in file administration is to determine the appropriate file structure for your company. Waident will work with you to make this determination and then to establish user access rights that facilitate access by employees while protecting corporate data.

Security Administration
Waident will give you the benefit of their experience with other clients to ensure your system is “best of class.”

Critical Application Support
Every business has an application so “core” to the execution of their service delivery that to be without it would be to bring the business to a halt. Waident works with your employees and vendors to troubleshoot problems with these applications.

Purchasing Assistance

The process for purchasing technology components can be difficult and time consuming; evaluating alternative components, alternative vendors, negotiating price, reviewing shipping options, return policies and finally product installation.

Expert Advice
Waident simplifies this process by acting as your advocate to (1) define the appropriate design specification, (2) present the array of comparable alternatives, and (3) recommend the exact item to be purchased.

Volume Pricing
Waident reduces your acquisition cost by acting as your advocate to purchase the item through established vendors and passing the savings we derive from volume purchasing on to you.

Waident completes the transaction by installing the newly acquired component and ensuring that it works optimally within your technology platform.

Infrastructure Management

Your computers and networks need regular care to perform at their optimal level. Waident monitors over 150 aspects of computer and network health on a daily basis. Having this information allows us to proactively maintain your systems before trouble starts.

Poorly configured routers, switches, firewalls, and other network infrastructure negatively impact the performance of your technology platform. Waident will configure your equipment to optimize network performance and to run critical business systems.

Corporate Assets
Waident will work with you to review your corporate assets and develop a lifecycle plan for both software and hardware. This process will ensure that each member of your team is working with the right technology, which will increase workforce productivity.

Vendor Services

Managing your 3rd party IT service providers is time consuming and often requires a level of technical expertise that may not be readily available within your company. Waident has the requisite expertise to manage your vendors in support of a single office location or a multi-site national platform. A benefit to working with Waident is that you can transfer responsibility for managing your 3rd party IT service providers enabling you to focus on core business needs.

Working through problems with your internet service provider is often a time consuming process. Waident will work as your advocate to resolve the issues.

Website Hosting
Communicating changes and website performance issues to your website hosting service provider can be a challenge. Waident will work as your advocate to implement the change you desire.

3rd Party Vendors
Effective communications (data & voice) technology requires a seamless integration of efforts between vendors. Isolating lines of responsibility in a system breakdown can be difficult. Waident will work as your advocate to isolate the component or service provider that failed and manage the vendor aligned with that component or service.





John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

CIO in the corporate world and now for Waident clients. John injects order and technology into business process to keep employees productive, enterprises running, and data safe.


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