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Companies have been utilizing web conferencing and videoconferencing technology for years to lower travel costs and increase the effectiveness of communication. Until recently, videoconferencing technology suffered from bouts of audio clipping, poor video quality, and lip sync delay. With today’s equipment, issues like that are a thing of the past. You can have a very high quality meeting over the internet using only 256K of bandwidth. You truly have to see it for yourself.

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Network Consulting
Planning is crucial to the long term success of your video network. We have the expertise to provide you with operational, tactical and strategic reviews of your current video and data networks and consult in your future video communications requirements.

Web Collaboration
Many of our clients need the ability to share documents, video, audio, and programs with groups of users internally and across the internet. We help companies navigate through the ever changing options to drill down to the best solution that fits their needs.

Video Integration and Installation Services
Our design and installation team can assist with everything from system design, facility planning, and installation. Most importantly, we have the experience and skills to ensure that the project is completed quickly, efficiently and within budgetary requirements.

Representative installations Waident has completed:

  • A commercial real estate client needed to have a videoconferencing solution that would allow conferencing with all of their 9 offices across the country, as well as any of their customers or business partners over the internet. They went with an IP based solution using the latest technologies from Sony and Codian.
    • Sony PCS- 1, TL-30, and G-50 videoconferencing units
    • CTG – Ceiling mounted microphones and speakers
    • Codian video/audio bridge
    • Plasma screens
  • A recruiting firm needed to upgrade their aging videoconferencing equipment to better technology while minimizing the impact of the change on end users. They are currently utilizing ISDN and are working towards a migration to IP, which will ultimately save them thousands of dollars a year.
    • Polycom VSX 7000 for 12 sites
    • Polycom VSX 3000 for 1 site
    • Polycom Multipoint Plus add-on
  • A health care system network needed to strategically look at their current videoconferencing infrastructure and add additional sites to their ever growing network of hospitals.
    • Polycom VSX 7000
    • Polycom Multipoint Plus add-on
    • Ceiling mounted Infocus projector
    • ISDN and IP based combined bridging








John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

CIO in the corporate world and now for Waident clients. John injects order and technology into business process to keep employees productive, enterprises running, and data safe.

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