Strategic IT

Your Bridge To A Future Competitive State

The Purpose of Strategic Technology

IT is a bridge to a future competitive state—employee enablement, learning, productivity, enhanced customer experience, and threat mitigation.

According to CompTia, 50% of tech growth worldwide—and the competitive advantage it offers—is the result of emerging technologies such as IoT software and hardware, AR/VR, SaaS+PaaS, robotics, AI, big data, and next-gen security.

IT strategy needs to be a cornerstone of your IT support, management, and cybersecurity. Without it, there is no focus and things will start to fail over time. 

 That’s why we approach IT in a strategic, proactive, and disciplined way.

Information technology is permeating the value chain at every point, transforming the way value activities are performed and the nature of the linkages among them. It also is affecting competitive scope and reshaping the way products meet buyer needs. These basic effects explain why information technology has acquired strategic significance.

Michael Porter

Harvard Business School professor and Founder of The Monitor Group, a strategy consulting firm


CXO’s who feel their IT strategy is inadequate AND do not understand what they should be doing differently.

What Does Strategic IT Mean?

Most IT leaders say they want to be or already are “strategic” and have visions of IT driving business strategy. Unfortunately, too many CXO’s feel like they aren’t.

Executives believe that they get solid financial and business strategies from other functional areas in their companies, but IT is not providing the strategic value needed to leverage new technologies. Most  IT leaders and their functions are simply fighting fires day-to-day in a reactionary cycle that prioritizes short-term needs rather than strategic drivers. Pragmatic business owners demand a strategic, practical approach to IT to keep employees productive, their enterprise running, and company data safe.

IT strategy always begins with a business goal and its business value. A specific IT solution is simply a tactical choice to achieve a strategic business objective.

Waident’s Value to CXOs

We approach IT in a strategic, proactive, and disciplined way to develop what we call “Resilient IT.” Resilient IT helps our clients bridge to their desired future state while avoiding daily technology fires or major IT fiascoes along the way.


Resilient IT is driven by:

– a people-first, tech-second mindset,

– a comprehensive understanding of system interdependencies,

– extensive documentation

– systematic preventive testing

– proven troubleshooting protocols and processes


In other words, Resilient IT is focused on the continued strengthening of IT’s value and health with knowledge, discipline, and process.

Keeping Your People Productive

  • Technology Analysis & Reporting
  • Tracking and upgrades

Keeping Your Enterprise Running

  • Cyber Security
  • Servers and Dedicated Hardware
  • Cloud platforms
  • Networks & VPNs
  • Network Hardware
  • Internet & Dedicated Connectivity
  • Manage Backups

Keeping Your Data Safe

  • Application Management
  • 3rd party vendor management

“They help me think through network and security issues and are very conscious of not throwing around a lot of money for projects. They go over the details of a project so I feel like I understand. But mostly I like not having to think about technology because Waident has it under control.”

Principal , Furniture Company

Strategic IT Capabilities


Deliver better and cost-effective services to the business and customers through a high-performing, reliable, and cost-efficient IT environment and procure services with the right quality, at the right price, and with right controls.


Risk Management

Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information by establishing physical and logical controls. Maintain integrity, availability, and accuracy of business data across business processes.

IT-Business Alignment

Deliver the required business functionality with lower TCO, easy maintainability, and reduced delivery time to meet business needs.

The CFO’s Guide to Choosing an MSP

A guide written for pragmatic executives, particularly financial executives, who think strategically about IT, investments, and risk.

Learn how to select an MSP based on its ability to deliver strategic value, not simply control IT costs.

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