"I’m needed elsewhere to grow our business."

“I can’t put more energy into IT. I need someone to relieve me.”

"My business relies on technology!"

“When something stops working, I can’t do anything. My team can’t get things done.”

"My business is my baby."

“I don’t think my current IT provider truly cares about my business.”

"We're growing! I can't rely on my..."

wife’s brother’s neighbor who can only visit on nights and weekends after his full-time job.”

"I have integral technology that drives our business.

“But I can’t find an IT company to support it.”

"AHHH #$@*! ...Something broke!"

“I need help now, now, now. We’re going down!”

"I'm so tired of putting out fires!"

“I need strategic, proactive thinking.”

"I'm tired of starting over every time I hire a new IT person!"

“There’s no documentation, too many mistakes, and the skills are neither broad nor deep.”

It’s IT.

Sh*t breaks. Programs freeze. Hardware melts. Hackers hack. Fiascos ensue. 

Companies that depend on IT as a strategic business tool don’t want to rely on IT “cowboys” gunslinging a “break-fix” attitude toward prevention and a “this-might-work” approach to solutions. 

Pragmatic business owners demand a more strategic, proven approach to IT.

Chicago SOC 2 MSP

Waident has completed its SOC 2® examination.

Waident is your proactive, responsive, and resilient IT function. 

Since our inception, we have attracted pragmatic business owners. Practical businesspeople understand that IT is a powerful business enabler but it’s not a panacea and is far from perfect. Companies that depend on IT as a strategic business tool don’t want to rely on IT “cowboys” gunslinging a “Break-Fix” attitude toward prevention and “this-might-work” approach to solutions. 

Pragmatic business owners demand a more strategic, practical approach to IT and the inevitable fiasco.



Companies with Resilient IT Resist the Fiasco

Resilient IT is focused on continuously strengthening IT health with knowledge, discipline, and process. Resilient IT is driven by six simple principles that our founder John Ahlberg developed as a corporate CIO:

A People-first, Tech-second Mindset

We want our tech people to think like business people. The first thing that IT should ask is “How will this technology impact the user’s job, time doing tasks, or the effort to learn a new approach?” Not, “Is the tech cool or fashionable?”


Extensive Documentation

Resilient documentation covers areas like processes and procedures, cybersecurity policies, “how tos” for business applications, new computer checkoffs, new hire and termination checkoff sheets, and more. A secret list of basic passwords and IP addresses for users and applications is NOT documentation.

Comprehensive Understanding of System Interdependencies

Managing IT interdependence is simple but hard. It’s simple to know that IT must think big picture about business goals, risk, operating scenarios, IT functionality, and software compatibility. It’s hard to dig deeply into those details from multiple perspectives.

Proven Troubleshooting Protocols and Processes

Effective troubleshooting starts with a systematic approach, not the typical IT shoot-from-the-hip mentality that foregoes documentation in lieu of trial and error. Systematic means starting with user impact, then, the systems affected, then, how that systems’ interaction with the rest of the network. Oftentimes, troubleshooting requires a rifle shot, not a shotgun. 

Holistic Cybersecurity

All companies and individuals are vulnerable to cyberattacks and a firewall or antivirus software is not enough. Resilient IT bakes cybersecurity into everything from strategy to implementation to support. The industry-leading NIST cybersecurity model is at the core of our pragmatic risk management philosophy.

Systematic Preventive Testing

After understanding interdependencies and documenting protocols, the best way to be prepared for a fiasco is to create threat scenarios and test much as you can. Testing, validating, and adjusting your redundant internet, backups, recovery plans, and disaster plans. Test anything that can be tested and develop procedures to test it regularly.

The goal of Resilient IT is the same as the goal of the business—keep people productive, the enterprise running, and company data safe.

Keep People Productive

The whole point of technology is to make work easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Employee productivity affects key business metrics such as operational costs, revenue, and client satisfaction. 

Keep the Enterprise Running

When IT is down, work doesn’t just become harder, slower, and expensive. It comes to a standstill. No orders, no customer service, No revenue.


Keep Data Safe

Customers, prospects, and regulators expect and demand that personal data be kept safe. But, hackers don’t just attack to get SSNs and credit card #s. Business leaders need to protect their own key operating data as well (inventory, IoT, contracts, etc.).


Latest Thinking

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It’s the People, Stupid

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The End of The Life Of The Windows 2012 R2 Server

The End of The Life Of The Windows 2012 R2 Server

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Our Capabilities


We approach IT in a strategic, proactive, and disciplined way to develop what we call “Resilient IT.”  Resilient IT helps our clients bridge to their desired future state while avoiding daily technology fires or major IT fiascoes along the way. 


If you want to keep your people productive, your enterprise running, and your data safe, it’s time to recognize cybersecurity threats, understand them, and protect your organization’s viability. Waident provides a full suite of powerful solutions to keep your company from becoming a hack statistic and your reputation strong.


We act as your virtual technology support department, supplying assistance to end-users whether it’s at home or work. We provide support for anything related to technology:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Peripherals
  • Phone systems
  • Smartphones
  • Email programs
  • Operating systems

Secure Cloud

We provide a cloud computing environment that incorporates strong security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and applications stored and processed in the cloud. 

We offer:

  • Waident Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud (Azure, AWS)
  • Secure Cloud Backups with Immutability and Compliance

“They help me think through network and security issues and are very conscious of not throwing around a lot of money for projects. They go over the details of a project so I feel like I understand. But mostly, I like not having to think about technology because Waident has it under control.”

Principal, Furniture Manufacturer

The CFO’s Guide to Choosing a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

A guide written for pragmatic executives, particularly financial executives, who think strategically about IT, investments, and risk.

Learn how to select an MSP based on its ability to deliver strategic value, not simply control IT costs.

Why Choose Waident to Manage Your IT?

Handing over your critical IT to someone outside your company can be a stressful decision. You have that same feeling you have when you visit the car repair shop, doctor, or lawyer. You know they have more knowledge but you neither want to be treated as ignorant nor be taken advantage of.  The point is you want to make the right decision on a partner and get back to what you do best—make your business hum.

We get it. We’re choosy about with whom we work, as well.

We encourage you to take the time to find a partner that gets you and what you want. If you’re thinking about outsourcing IT, building a more resilient approach to IT, and want a no-BS partner, we may be the partner for you.


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