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As cloud computing evolves from technology enabler to business disruptor, IT leaders can leverage new and emerging cloud capabilities to accelerate business strategy and augment IT performance.

Waident Private Cloud

Is your infrastructure old or operating system unable to be upgraded?  We offer two options: a datacenter solution to refresh your hardware or a migration to the powerful, secure Waident private cloud.

When migrating to a private cloud, no hardware purchases are required. Waident provides the hardware, networking, security, software licensing, security software, maintenance, secure backups, DR, and remote access to the environment. We deploy enterprise solutions from Dell, HPE, Nimble, VMware, Cisco, Veeam and Microsoft. We have strategic relationships with enterpise solutions, as well as invested in our team and certification training to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology.

Both are viable options and we can assess your current environment to determine which is right for your business.

    Public Cloud

    If your e-commerce applications require extensive scalability, load balancing, and high-performance workloads, we provide Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud architectures.

    If your developers or online presence require instant scale down and scale-out features, your best option is most likely a public cloud option that offers an “As of service” solution that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. Migrating from an on-premise environment to a public cloud reduces the need for on-premise storage, compute resources, etc. We provide an application and hardware assessment (including a performance-based exercise) to ensure the right compute and storage resources are deployed.

    Secure Cloud Backups

    Secure cloud backups with immutability and compliance

    Most companies do backups and think they’re safe, but normal backups don’t protect applications (such as SQL, Active Directory), don’t perform test restores, and aren’t off-site backups. In addition, many firms are not implementing immutable backups. If a customer doesn’t utilize enterprise-grade software, performance maintenance on their backup hardware/software, test their backups, send their backups off-site and/or ensure they have ransomware protection, they could lose all of their company data in a natural disaster (fire/flood) or from a security breach. If you get hit with ransomware without a proper backup recovery time could be months if you’re able to actually re-create your data.

    We use enterprise backup software that protects virtual and physical systems and applications. We ensure you have off-site, secure cloud backups with immutability. In the event of a disaster, we can help recover the systems and data to keep your business running.

    We protect your systems and data using the critical 3-2-1-0 rule. Ensure you have 3 copies of your data, in 2 different media, 1 copy off-site and one air-gapped, 0 no errors after automated backup testing and recoverability verification

    Our solutions include enterprise-grade hardware and software from Dell/HPE/Veeam/Object First based on the need. Waident is a Veeam Gold Level Service provider and VeeamON 2018 Innovation Winner (one of 4 Global Winners).

    “They help me think through network and security issues and are very conscious of not throwing around a lot of money for projects. They go over the details of a project so I feel like I understand. But mostly, I like not having to think about technology because Waident has it under control.”

    Principal, Furniture Manufacturer

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