If your organization depends on IT, don’t hope that your IT is RESILIENT. Know that it is.

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IT is About People

Unfortunately, a lot of IT vendors and departments just don’t get it. IT is about helping people and business, not about the tech. Let’s face it, without the warm body behind the computer we would not even need a tech. We say IT is all about the people, which means your IT team needs to be great communicators and be very responsive. We take pride in being focused on people first.

Documentation is Key 

Do you want to know how many times we start working with a client and they have a full set of documentation in place? We work with over 100 clients and this has only happened once. Those are really bad odds, but it is a reality for most companies and they are the ones paying the price in the end. We cannot do our job without good documentation and insist on a comprehensive on-boarding process (which includes full documentation) before we start supporting you. You’re welcome.

Technology Can Suck

Bad things will happen with IT no matter how much you manage or try to avoid problems. There is no way around it. How we handle those situations makes the difference.  We are in constant communication. We educate the user on what went wrong and take a proactive approach to prevent future problems. We make it suck less.


Like a Dog with a Bone

We did a customer survey a while back and one of the common themes that came from that was the Waident team is tenacious. We were a little surprised that several clients used that word to describe us, but when we thought about it, it made sense. We won’t let it go until the user is happy. That is just how we roll.

Do Not Be a Victim

How often do you worry about security? Like most people these days probably a lot, but how often do you take action? We believe security should be paramount to your IT and business. Security is a core part of what we do for our clients every day, not just a service that we offer. You don’t need to be a victim.

Don’t Become an IT Disaster

Do you really want to lose years’ worth of data and put your business in jeopardy? Of course, you don’t, but then why do so many businesses not worry about their data backups and disaster recovery plans?  We ensure your backups are reliable and that you are focusing on your disaster recovery plans. We worry so you don’t have to.

Your Future

We consider ourselves technology guidance counselors. We’ll meet with you on a regular basis and discuss your business hopes and dreams. We provide you with direction, shed light on potential risks, and share best practices along the way. We’ve got your back.

Hold your IT to a higher standard.

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