Strategic Partners

Our Partner Philosophy

We have many partnerships, but we do not post most of them publicly. We do this to protect our clients from bad actors. If hackers have knowledge of the tools we use with our clients, they can use that information in phishing schemes or exploit vendor vulnerabilities exposed by a single event elsewhere. The less information hackers have the harder their job becomes.

We are happy to discuss our technology tools with potential clients one on one. We believe you should know why we have chosen the tools we have, what they do, and how we use them to your advantage.

You can be confident that we have the core partnerships with the players our clients expect like:

  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Cisco

We have other specialty partners as well. We are fully trained and have extensive experience with each of these companies’ technology.

Resilient IT requires Resilient Partners 

As a former CIO, John Ahlberg has worked with many technology vendors over his career.  His experience has shaped Waident’s approach to service delivery, sales and marketing, and the vendors with whom we choose to work. We don’t have time for BS and the clients who choose us don’t have time for it either. Our clients are pragmatic business people and they want pragmatic answers to their questions and proven solutions to their problems.

We have very specific criteria for our partners:

Company Strength

We want partners that demonstrate financial strength, long-term viability, and the resources to support our clients over time.

Strategic Alignment

We want partners that share our vision for IT and its purpose. So, we make sure that our partners are simpatico with our view of IT and our business—more importantly, our clients’ businesses.


We have rigorous processes. We choose vendors with similar rigor and processes that complement and/or strengthen our processes.

Best of Breed

We want partners that provide the best product of its type and deliver the results we expect. We do not choose partners for popularity, all-in-one integration/simplicity, or sales perks.

Demonstrated Results

Analyst accolades are important but we choose partners that have demonstrated results in our clients’ industries, business sizes, and cultures.

Strategic Partners

The bottom line

The goal of our partnerships is the same as our goal for your business—keep your people productive, the enterprise running, and your data safe.

Keep People Productive

The whole point of technology is to make work easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Employee productivity affects key business metrics such as operational costs, revenue, and client satisfaction.

Keep the Enterprise Running

When IT is down, work doesn’t just become harder, slower, and expensive. It comes to a standstill. No orders, no customer service, No revenue.


Keep Data Safe

Customers, prospects, and regulators expect and demand that personal data be kept safe. But, hackers don’t just attack to get SSNs and credit card #s. Business leaders need to protect their own key operating data as well (inventory, IoT, contracts, etc.).


If you share our partner philosophy, let’s talk.

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