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As more data and infrastructure are virtualized, our solutions address the resources needed for access and protection of data in the cloud. A software-defined data center runs workloads locally or in the cloud and can move them back and forth as needed. Your organization can use a physical data center along with cloud resources. Data center solutions can then include support for virtualized networking, storage, and security. 

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Data Center

If your environment consists of 50+ servers and 25+ applications and you’re concerned about the higher OPEX costs of a cloud platform, using a lease for new hardware and software might be appealing to your organization.

We can provide an assessment of your current environment, make recommendations for new hardware and software, as well as perform the implementation, and turn over the keys. If you need a 24 x7 team to manage the late-night updates, we can provide ongoing maintenance and support.

We deliver:

  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Security

Our infrastructure partners are running some of the largest corporations in the world. We offer cost-effective solutions for small to medium-sized companies.



Companies with 20-150 servers don’t rely on physical hardware anymore. They require virtualization and shared storage. 

Enterprise virtualization software, when coupled with the right hardware, can allow you to achieve a highly available, scalable, on-premise environment for their systems and data.

Instead of buying two sets of expensive hardware (servers and storage) and virtualization software, you can utilize the hardware and software from enterprise partners and match our cloud DR environment with the same servers/storage/virtualization and recovery capabilities.

By utilizing our secure cloud backups / Veeam, you can meet the 3-2-1-0 backup rule and perform DR tests using a DR Sandbox.

We maintenance the hardware and software so you don’t fall behind and lose vendor support.


Customers with 20-150 servers require virtualization and shared storage.  Based on your capacity and performance needs, we can recommend a Storage Area Network (SAN). A SAN allows you to replicate volumes/data off-site for disaster recovery.  If you’re looking for NAS or Storage with advanced features such as compression and data deduplication, we can recommend an enterprise solution.

In some situations you might require traditional hybrid (spinning disk) solutions, so we can recommend a high-capacity solution. If you require high-performance solutions, we can recommend an All-Flash solution. Both solutions include features such as compression, data duplication, snapshots, replication, integration with VMWare vCenter and Backup Software, and have all redundant components. If you consume data on-premise, we can provide a storage solution that integrates with Microsoft Hyper-v and VMWare and includes all of the features necessary.

We can assess your current storage environment, make recommendations, deploy the SAN with your virtualization environment of choice, integrate it with your backup and DR solution, and support the device. The Storage solutions we recommend include all features described above, are cost-effective, include maintenance plans that do not skyrocket after the initial warranty, and are supported by the Waident team and vendor.



Waident can help you take a strategic and serious approach to your cybersecurity

That means assessing threats, determining vulnerabilities, and mitigating risks consistent with your risk tolerance and culture. 

The options can be daunting, but our risk experts can help you make sense of an ever-evolving list and recommend the ones that are best to solve your security needs. We guide our clients through a disciplined risk assessment and add the appropriate security solutions where needed.


The Waident staff was very knowledgeable about each of the projects. When an issue arose, they took ownership of the problem and found solutions.

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