Waident Selects Object First’s Ootbi to Bolster Ransomware Resilience

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Waident helps our customers take a strategic and serious approach to cybersecurity. One of the basic principles supporting our approach is setting high standards for our technology partnerships. We develop our partnerships with leading technology companies that share our vision of client-centricity, deliver IT resiliently, and enable us to deliver our core customer goal—keep their people productive, their enterprise running, and their data safe.

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with such a company. We have allied Object First. This partnership will help us protect our customers from ransomware attacks on their critical backup data. Object First provides a great product called Ootbi (Out-of-the-Box-Immutability), the ransomware-proof backup storage appliance purpose-built for Veeam®.

Our clients are pragmatic business people who demand proven solutions. Object First and Ootbi were created by the founders of Veeam. Who could be a better partner to know and to secure the Veeam environment?

You can read the details of Waident and Object First’s partnership below. 


Object First Press Release on Waident-Ootbi Partnership

Object First delivers Waident and its customers ransomware-proof, out-of-the-box immutability, mitigating loss, downtime, and financial impact from ransomware attacks.


Object First, the provider of Ootbi (Out-of-the-Box-Immutability), the ransomware-proof backup storage appliance purpose-built for Veeam®, today announced its partnership with Waident Technology Solutions, a SOC2 cybersecurity and IT outsourcer that supports and manages SMB technology for clients throughout the Mid-west. Waident will use Ootbi as its primary backup storage solution to ensure ransomware-proof immutability and to safeguard customers from rising cyber threats.

Based in Chicago, Waident provides a range of services, including IT strategy, security, support, and secure cloud.  Waident has built its reputation on delivering resilient IT and keeping customers’ enterprises running, productive, and secure. John Quinn, Principal & Co-Owner of Waident, sought a likeminded partner and selected Object First’s Ootbi as the top solution to mitigate loss, downtime, and financial impact from ransomware attacks.

With nearly 3-in-4 worldwide organizations (73%) affected by ransomware in 2023, we have reached a critical point where it’s not if, but when, an attack will occur. Backups are a primary target of attacks. Ootbi delivers a robust immutable backup storage solution that is scalable, simple, secure, and affordable. This enables Waident customers to meet Zero Trust security standards for data management and protect data with immutability within minutes — no advanced storage or security expertise required.

 “Waident is highly selective in its partnerships. We choose partners that not only address current needs, but also anticipate future challenges,” said John Quinn. “With Object First, we have a partner with a strong pedigree and capacity to help us deliver our trademark resilient IT. Object First understands our needs, is committed to delivering a solution aligned with our expectations, and will not leave our clients with a here-today-gone-tomorrow scenario.”

Object First and Waident are client-centric organizations, dedicated to prioritizing the well-being of customers and protecting their data. This shared focus led Waident to select Object First, a 100% channel organization dedicated to customer satisfaction. With 24/7 in-house support and expertise, Object First is committed to fostering success for both Waident and its customers.

For more details, you can find a full copy of Waident’s case study with Channel Mastered, here.  

To learn more about Object First, please visit objectfirst.com and follow on LinkedIn and X.


About Object First

Ransomware-proof and immutable out-of-the-box, Ootbi by Object First delivers secure, simple, and powerful backup storage for Veeam® customers. The appliance can be racked, stacked, and powered in 15-minutes. Ootbi is built on immutable object storage technology designed and optimized for unbeatable backup and recovery performance. Eliminate the need to sacrifice performance and simplicity to meet budget constraints with Ootbi by Object First.







John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

CIO in the corporate world and now for Waident clients. John injects order and technology into business process to keep employees productive, enterprises running, and data safe.

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