The CFO’S Guide to Choosing an MSP

There are as many “How to Choose a Managed Service Provider” guides online as there are MSPs.

Do you really desire to consume another piece of self-promotional “content”? I’m going to assume that the answer is “No.” Well, my goal is to NOT add to all that “content noise” but to help you cut through it.

 As a former CIO, I have bought tons of IT over the years. As CEO, I know our clients want pragmatic answers to their questions and proven solutions to their problems.

I believe there are five areas that CFOs should evaluate when assessing an MSP’s fit and ability to deliver strategic value:


  1. Company Strength: Viability to Support Us Over Time
  2. Strategic Alignment: POV on IT
  3. Process: Approach to IT
  4. Expertise: Relevant Knowledge & Results for Your Circumstances
  5. Relatedness: Trust and Ease of Doing Business


I’ll outline why these areas are important, the assessment criteria, and the questions a CFO can use to evaluate MSPs in each.

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