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by | Sep 7, 2011 | jahlberg


  • MiMedia Online Backup and Streaming ( – Backup your files! I cannot say this enough. I have been using Mozy for years, but just switched to MiMedia. I have been looking for a solution that could backup all of my files to the cloud and also allow me to share my pictures and video of the kids with family out of town. MiMedia does it all AND they will send you a hard drive to do your initial backup for free – send it back and you are then just backing up the changes, which saves weeks of upload time! It is also only $100 a year for up to 250 gigs of space. Free up to 7 gigs. If you sign up, tell them John Ahlberg referred you and I get some free stuff  : )

    If you are just looking for an online solution to backup all of your files then check out Back Blaze They offer a great solution and a lot of bang for the buck.

  • Toshiba’s Self Encrypting Hard Drive ( – Have a security concern about the data on your laptop? This might do the trick. Toshiba came up with a hard drive that will self-encrypt the entire drive (or just some of the data if you prefer) if it is ever plugged in to another computer.  If someone cannot login to a computer, the easiest way to get data off of a drive is to plug the hard drive in to another machine. This new technology is not the end all in security, but it is a step in the right direction.
  • CamCard – You can find this app in the Android Market. It does a good job using the camera on your smartphone to grab business cards and convert them to a Contact so you do not need to type in all of the information.





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