Terrence Moore

Owner & Board of Directors Member

Aspen Earthmoving

Excavation, Construction & Environmental Work

Aspen, CO


Paint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department

Previously I used an outsourced firm, but I was unhappy with them for three reasons. First, they were surly. They never seemed to want to be bothered. They did the bare minimum — nothing more. Second, I was frustrated by what felt like inappropriate charges, and, despite efforts at resolution, I continually had to challenge the billing. I eventually gave up. Third, they weren’t responsive to the overall state of my business. We had recently gone through a downsizing, and I needed help to adjust my IT infrastructure appropriately for our company going forward. They had no interest in or perspective on helping us right-size for the future.

With Waident, I get the responsive, helpful support I expect and with predictable monthly billing. They bring a holistic, business-oriented approach to planning my infrastructure, anticipating my needs.

What does Waident do particularly well?

Instead of the standard “break/fix” model, Waident truly functions as an extension of my organization. John Ahlberg and his team make an effort to understand my business and where we’re headed. They take the initiative to identify opportunities from the very beginning.

Are there any standout examples of how Waident worked with your company that you found particularly exemplary?

We recently moved offices and needed to change our phone system. The vendor inappropriately combined internet/phone lines, resulting in horrible phone service. Sean Hanna stayed on the issue, working with the vendor and my internal team until it was resolved. This persistence and commitment to closure is a defining characteristic for Waident. They never fail to follow-up, asking, “How have we done? Have we solved the problem to your satisfaction?” By “closing the loop”, Waident ensures the problem has been resolved, not just buried.

About the Company

Aspen Earthmoving is a market leader in the field of excavation in the Aspen-area of Colorado. Aspen Earthmoving specialize in excavation, site grading, utilities installation, road construction, concrete, trucking, trails and environmental work for projects of all sizes. The company is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner to benefit community, clients, stakeholders, and the environment.

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