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by | May 13, 2010 | jahlberg

I don’t have one, but I’ve been doing some research and the device is one of those hot topics that is being bantered about. Is the iPad worth getting and what does the device really do for me?

I have heard from a lot of people that they are waiting for version 2.0 after their experience with the iPhone. I’ve also heard from people who are big Apple fans that some of the other iPad like devices hitting the market soon provider a bigger bang for the buck so they are waiting for those devices. What really amazed/surprised me was the fact that more than one Apple fanatic said they were looking forward to the Android devices coming out since they were more “open” than Apple. Sounds like Apple may be more like the bad guy in their 1984 Big Brother ad than the hero today….

I do see some value with the iPad or other iPad like devices. These devices are not made to directly replace a laptop yet, but there is a lot of value to augment and maybe replace some of your technology arsenal. I don’t plan on running out and picking one up, but after reading one article where the author explained that he has one for home use and it replaced his picture photo frame on his shelf, allows him to quickly grab it and check emails and do light computing on the couch, play some games with the kids, and use it an an e-reader device, I’m considering picking one up (maybe the 2.0 device). It only replaces my picture photo frame, but this tool would allow me to avoid heading to the desktop PC in my office to do simple quick things and give me some fun activities with the kids and act as an interactive e-reader (check out the Alice in Wonderland interactive e-book – it is amazing). If the 2.0 device has a built-in webcam for chatting with family, then I’m sold.






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