Apple iPhone works with Outlook like a Blackberry


Not yet, but it is coming, and not exactly like a Blackberry. It should working like any other Windows mobile device using the Exchange server Active Sync though which ain’t too bad. At least you will get pretty much real time syncing and access to your e-mail, calendar, and contacts, as well as, a bit of built in security.

This will not be as nearly as robust as the Blackberry Server setup, but the advantage of Exchange Active Sync is that it is included in the server and does not use Rim’s servers in the middle. If you have a Blackberry you probably know about the recent Rim server outages which kept a lot of Blackberry users from syncing.

More details can be found here or by doing a Google search for iPhone Exchange

Most IT departments have not needed to deal with the iPhone since it could not sync with the corporate email system. The best you could do was get pop3 working; that is if your IT department had pop3 working on the server and on your account. I’m sure many a bribe of free lunch was made for some users to get their email working on their iPhone since they were released.

Get ready to start supporting the iPhone if you are already supporting Windows mobile devices….







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