DST – Is it worse than Y2K on your technology?

by | Mar 18, 2008 | jahlberg

Daylight Savings Time. In my world it does not save much daylight, makes it difficult to get out of bed those mornings when it is dark again, and also causes some technology headaches. I made a comment last week that I’ve seen more recent technology disruptions caused by last years DST change that I did with the Y2K scare. Last year when the change went in to affect, everyone went out and did some DST update on their computers, servers, Blackberry’s, and anything that may be affected. What we are seeing is that with our new clients, many of the systems were never updated and with our existing clients some systems that couldn’t be updated are now pitching a fit.

  • Outlook Calendar – There is a DST patch for Windows and Outlook, but it seems to have mixed results. Old recurring appointments seem to be the biggest items affected. Not optimal, but the best results come from deleting the old recurring meeting and recreating it.
  • Blackberry’s – You should push out the DST patch to all devices to help eliminate the calendar appointments from being off an hour. If the Outlook calendar recurring appointment issue is also happening, things can get real messy fast.
  • Older systems – If you can do the DST update, then give it a try. But be prepared for some future strange behaviour around the DST time change and be careful if you make any changes since it cause some server crashing.

And then there was our system that wouldn’t open due to the leap year – but don’t get me started on that….





John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

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