“Waident Makes Me a Better Lawyer by Solving My IT Problems”






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Paint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department

With our old vendor, we would be charged on an as-needed basis so there was no way we could budget. When we would have issues we had to wait for a person to come to our office. Sometimes the wait would be within a few hours but other times we had to wait for at least a day. It was also a crapshoot if the person we got really knew what he was doing.

With Waident, we now know what our costs are going to be each month. When we have issues we can call or email and within a very short time frame a knowledgeable person can remote in and resolve the problem.

What does Waident do particularly well?

  • Quick response time
  • Very knowledgeable IT personnel
  • Comprehensive IT service
  • Turn IT into a tool for your business versus a time consuming expense
  • A great way to save on employee expenses and outsource your IT department

Are there any standout examples of how Waident worked with your company that you found particularly exemplary?

I am impressed with John Ahlberg. When we were first thinking of getting a new IT company, we felt he was honest (and still feel that way today) and that he was not out to get that almighty dollar at our expense. I am also very pleased with Sean Hanna. Recently we decided to get a new phone system. He was involved from the very beginning and was at our firm the day the system was changed to make sure there were no problems. He asked that he be informed in everything that the broker/phone company/internet company suggested or was going to provide us with. I can’t say enough good things about Sean. Waident is lucky to have him.

One of our attorneys Bret Rappaport had this to say about Waident, “I come from a generation who knew a world before computers, but I have had to adapt. In doing so, when an IT issue arises, I am usually at a loss and frustrated. After going through a series of in-house and out-sourced IT consultants in my 25 years of practicing law, we have finally found one that can do the job with competence, professionalism and promptness. When I call or email, Waident is there. When the problem is small, Waident is there. When the problem is large, Waident is there. Waident makes me a better lawyer by solving my IT problems, and allowing me to focus on my clients, not my computer.”

About the Company

Hardt, Stern & Kayne, . is a progressive, creative and flexible Chicago-area law firm with a national and local, broad-based, corporate, transaction, real estate, family law and litigation practice. The firm has a specialty in serving automobile dealers and real estate developers. This smaller boutique firm maintains a collegial environment and provide personal, cost effective, logical, creative and commonsense litigation services to its clients.

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