The Legend of the Mighty Dragon Named Ransom and the Noble Hero Sir Waident – PART 1



Here is a short story NOT based on our clients and all characters are fictional.

Meet the characters:

  • An evil dragon named Ransom – a metaphor for evil hackers
  • The noble knight, Sir Waident – the hero who saves the day
  • King and Queen – pragmatic rulers guiding their kingdoms when encountered by evil dragons
  • Sorceress NIST – the good witch who helps those threatened by evil dragons
  • Realm of SMB – a fictional place of small and mid-sized kingdoms
  • Igor the guard – the one employee who opened a phishing email

Once upon a time in a small kingdom called SMBizlandia located in the Realm of SMB, the lands were ruthlessly attacked by an evil, mighty, and relentless creature named Ransom the Dragon! The stories of destruction were legendary and recounted at all the Realm’s events. Fear covered the land.

The wise queen and king of the kingdom were quite cautious and protective of their kingdom. They posted defenses across the castle. They had the Nightwatch (antivirus), mighty towers (backups), and tall walls surrounding the kingdom (firewall).

The old treacherous dragon had breached sooo many kingdoms–some even twice because people let him in willingly.  Ransom possessed a valuable skill; he could easily shapeshift. One would never know if he was a merchant, sojourner, or simple peasant. He had quite an extensive repertoire.

One day, the guards heard a knock at the drawbridge gate. This time Ransom had disguised himself as a fruit peddler (editor’s note: do not open emails with healthy snack offers delivered to your office for free). Thinking he was a harmless visitor to the kingdom, Igor the Guard, (check out the characters’ description) invited him in and showed him where he could sell his goods. Little did Igor the Guard know that it was one of the devious shapeshifter’s common tricks! He had naively let villainy right into the kingdom (voila! Herzlich Willkommen! Park here! Bienvenidos, etc. we totally know where this is going).

To be continued….







John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

CIO in the corporate world and now for Waident clients. John injects order and technology into business process to keep employees productive, enterprises running, and data safe.

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