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I figured that title may have gotten your attention. I had coffee with one of the owners of the firm, Jacob Nuesser, and though it was compelling to let others know about this brand and the passion of the owners to get this firm fully off the ground. The line of clothing has been around for a while as a part time business, but now Jacob and his wife want to make this their full time gig. They already have a good following so does anyone know of ways to help them turbo charge this venture?

Details below from Jacob
Fight Chix is the sexy side of mixed martial arts. We are the premiere apparel line for female fans and fighters in mixed martial arts, but we are more than that. Fight Chix is a movement and way of life for all the women in the world that have overcome struggles to achieve their goals.

We are here to empower all women who have the guts to stand up for what they believe in and fight for it. We are the current and future female leaders. We are the women who are the backbone of any family. We support the men and women of MMA. We give back to the sport that inspired our creation, and we strive to inspire future generations to follow their dreams.

Be Strong, Be Sexy, Be FIGHT CHIX!

Empowering Women World Wide







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