Curious Tech – May

Technology of the Month


And it’s already May! Some ideas on how to impress your friends and family.

Here is my May curious tech list:

spider pillow

Giant Spider Pillow

It is kind of creepy having a huge fuzzy spider pillow, but it is kind of cool.




Retro Floppy Disk Coffee Table

A new twist on a coffee table. I am old and just nerd enough to want one.




3d book

A 3D book of sorts

I’m fascinated for some reason and may have to buy one of these.




wine bag

Insulated Drink Purse

Yes, you are not mistaken – it is a wine purse. Fashionable and functional, holds up to 3 liters/100 oz of wine. I know some ladies that would want one of these…..



Inflatable Tank Floatie

It is every kid’s dream come true – an inflatable tank with a water cannon! You can even invite neighbors to discuss that fence project over a friendly battle…


superhero toilet

A superhero toilet

Who knew? Not for me, but I know some people who would do one if the price was right.



Enjoy the warm weather!





John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

CIO in the corporate world and now for Waident clients. John injects order and technology into business process to keep employees productive, enterprises running, and data safe.

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