What goal did the client want to accomplish?

Business Goal

Commercial Real Estate Investment and Finance Firm needed to build a big company quickly, 150 people, 15 offices in 2 years

The growth meant the buildout of new office space across the U.S., expanding functional departments, and a new corporate IT infrastructure that supported a decentralized workforce.


There were many strategic reasons for deploying the business strategy quickly. The strategy’s success hinged on speed, plain and simple.  The challenge was whether they could build their own in-house IT’s depth and breadth at the speed required to get to market as quickly as needed.

Commercial Real Estate IT


How did the client make the decision to achieve the objective?

Decision criteria

The company leadership analyzed the options of investing in the human capital to recruit and build an internal IT department or outsourcing the entire IT function to a managed service provider (MSP). The key considerations included:

  • How internal staff would interact with a remote helpdesk?
  • Should support be on-site, off-site, or a combination of both?
  • How would support quality be lessened by outsourcing to non-employees?
  • How the internal systems would be maintained?
  • How budget dollars would be controlled and spent?
  • How could each option meet future challenges and grow?


The client decided to outsource the IT function to an MSP and chose Waident because:

  • Waident considered both the client’s imminent needs as it formed its new business and the costs and efficiencies of the future.
  • Waident’s internal systems and processes enabled very flexible solutions that provided support and services the way the client wanted and needed them to be.
  • Waident built in redundancies and set reasonable expectations to communicate regularly throughout the process.
  • To accommodate employee resistance to change, Waident built an emotional context into their plan that helped employees embrace the changes.
  • Waident involved all levels of the organization in the transition from the old to new technology systems.


The company has grown more than 4-fold, with over a billion dollars of activity and people spread across the country.

Waident is now a fully integrated part of the organizational structure and actively participates in all the relevant Client meetings as acting CIO.

Waident continues to work closely with key members of the Client’s senior management team to provide ongoing technical support and strategic counsel that enables desired growth.

For the Client, IT was not a core business competency. In Waident, they found a strategic partner that could help them achieve their business objectives. Waident Technology Solutions was chosen because it delivered an efficient and cost-effective IT department solution while helping the Client to achieve their core business objectives.

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