100 Reasons Clients Choose Waident

1. We suck less.

I’ve been telling people that “We Suck Less” for a long time. However, I’ve never been allowed to make it our marketing tagline. Maybe someday! I wish that I could take credit for the phrase but I can’t. It came from a prospective client.

In the early days of Waident, I met with the CEO of a mid-sized finance firm. He detailed a long list of the things that his current IT firm was not doing very well. After each item, I explained how Waident would handle that area and provided a client story to further illustrate the what and why behind it. After a while, the CEO chuckled and said “It sounds like you suck less.” The rest is history.

While saying “We suck less.” started as a joke because nearly everyone I met complained about their IT, the concept really stuck with me.  Ironically, almost everything I heard people complaining about was a simple item to address and Waident was handling all the complaint areas the right way.

John Ahlberg

Founder & CEO

Here are the 99 other reasons.

Responsive Business Support

  1. The client defines what technology is supported; Waident doesn’t define it based on what is easy for them to support.
  2. Waident is SOC 2, so I know they do things right. 
  3. Waident is in the business of helping users and not just focusing on fixing computers.
  4. Waident helps our users when they need it and not just during standard working hours.
  5. Waident supports clients after hours, weekends, and holidays.
  6. The Waident team is responsive – what should take minutes, takes minutes and not hours.
  7. Waident proactively suggests ways for clients to better use their systems.
  8. Waident can block non-corporate applications from being run.
  9. Waident can remotely support clients’ users no matter where they happen to be.
  10. Waident has no problem supporting home computers.
  11. Waident can monitor and help recover a stolen laptop.
  12. When we ask for something, Waident doesn’t say no, they say yes, here’s how, and here’s how much.
  13. Waident supports all clients’ devices, including smartphones, tablets, and any other device a user needs to do their job.
  14. Waident helps set policies based on our business needs versus what is easy to support.
  15. Waident has a stable Helpdesk staff that provides continuity for our people.
  16. Waident makes house calls.
  17. Clients don’t have to wait for Waident to return their calls or emails – 15 minutes during business hours.
  18. Waident never makes clients feel like they are a bother when they contact the Helpdesk.
  19. With Waident, clients can contact the Helpdesk about anything (IT-related or not) and get the help they need.
  20. Waident does not nickel and dime clients, so clients are not reluctant to call.
  21. Waident is eager and willing to run to the AT&T, Verizon, etc., store to pick up a new smartphone or dive into your manufacturing software to address issues in order to keep your people productive and your enterprise running.
  22. Waident regularly communicates the status of all projects.
  23. Waident does not delight in baffling clients with techno-speak; instead, they use clear and direct language when explaining solutions.
  24. Waident always considers the user’s schedule when planning computer fixes.
  25. Waident does not hide behind email versus picking up the phone and calling users directly.
  26. Waident never does a “bait and switch” conveniently having the “expert IT person” nowhere to be found when it’s time to get actual support.
  27. Waident does not spend time badmouthing – they spend time helping users.
  28. Routine tasks like setting up new users and making phones work take hours, not days.
  29. The Waident Helpdesk answers the phone when clients call or get back to them right away if they choose to leave a message.
  30. Waident clients don’t have outstanding IT requests that never get completed.
  31. The Waident team works on client requests when it is convenient for the client, not when it is convenient for Waident.
  32. Waident does not neglect to save clients’ work-in-progress when servicing their computers.
  33. Waident sets clear expectations for when clients’ requests will be handled and completed.
  34. Waident does not march users through technical instructions over the phone instead of remotely accessing their computer and taking care of the problem themselves.
  35. Waident asks permission before remotely accessing a clients’ computer.
  36. Waident tests the fix before telling clients everything is working again.
  37. Waident communicates well, and over-communicates when necessary.
  38. Your Waident Client Manager holds regular client meetings to ensure you’re getting the support you expect and deserve.
  39. Waident gives clients online real-time access to all the open and closed tickets for their company.
  40. Waident avoids working on a computer problem for so long that it would have been cheaper to buy a new machine than to pay for the time to fix a broken one.
  41. Waident helps clients decide what is the best smartphone for their needs.
  42. Waident will help users buy a new laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. for home.
  43. The Waident team treats client requests like they are urgent and important.

Diligent Monitoring & Management

  1. Waident insists on backing up everything on clients’ servers (EVERYTHING, not just select folders).
  2. Waident does test restores from client backup files regularly and provides reports on the success.
  3. Waident stresses the importance of keeping backup data offsite.
  4. Waident can tell clients how long it will take to recover from a disaster event.
  5. Waident ensures that all clients have at least triple backups of their data.
  6. All critical servers and system are monitored 24/7/365.
  7. Waident ensures that all failover and redundant systems are being tested on a regular basis to ensure they will work as expected.
  8. Waident ensures there are extra computers or laptops around to be used as a backup if one fails.
  9. Waident ensures there are extra peripherals on hand to act as a backup (e.g., smartphone, batteries, keyboard, etc.).
  10. Waident ensures that critical equipment does have the manufacturer’s warranty up to date.
  11. Waident ensures clients have a minimum amount of system downtime.
  12. Waident worries about a server room that is a mess of cables, equipment, and boxes and cleans things up.
  13. Waident works to have redundancy with clients’ core technology (e.g., Internet, phones, servers, routers, switches, etc.).
  14. Waident ensures that clients’ current technology is never paper clipped or Band-Aided together.
  15. A server will never fail and take days to get back up and running.
  16. Waident only gives access rights to sensitive folders by first asking for management approval.

Complete Documentation

  1. Waident can provide its clients with full technology documentation in real-time.
  2. Waident is constantly documenting regular aspects of our key business systems.
  3. Waident has a checklist for setting up a new hire.
  4. Waident has a checklist for all the steps to complete when a client employee is terminated.
  5. Waident can provide a simple report on the status of all our computers and Microsoft updates.
  6. Waident can easily give clients an inventory of all their computers and servers.
  7. Waident gives clients regular reports on their hard drive space status and server growth.
  8. Waident provides regular reports for Helpdesk activity to show clients who has been making requests and for what reasons.
  9. Clients never have to explain things over and over again to each team member they work with because Waident documents and reviews previous conversations. 
  10. Clients are never left hanging when the person working on their IT issue goes on vacation.


  1. Waident adheres to the NIST security standards.
  2. Waident can help manage clients’ compliance needs – HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST CFS, Cyber Liability, along with a number of state and federal security standards.
  3. Waident actively manages clients’ anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing so clients rarely if ever suffer from spyware, ransomware, or other infections.
  4. Waident can provide real-time security reports so clients know the status across their environment.
  5. Waident ensures that Microsoft Windows computers always get updated with the MS Updates.
  6. Waident proactively shares security-related best practices.

Broad Expertise

  1. Waident has multiple team members who are good at many things and not limited to one single expertise.
  2. The Waident team is not made up of “cowboys” – they are team players. 
  3. Waident clients respect them like they respect their attorney, accountant, or doctor.
  4. Waident clients implicitly trust the Waident team.
  5. Waident clients do not consider them as computer geeks who don’t speak their language.
  6. Waident helps manage clients’ copiers.
  7. Waident supports and manages all their clients’ technology.
  8. With Waident, client users can contact them with questions on how to better use Office and other applications.
  9. Waident supports iPhones, Android, and any other smartphones that clients want to use.
  10. Waident can handle the general needs for SQL and other database systems while having a reliable resource to turn to for advanced needs.
  11. Waident provides Helpdesk support and manages client servers.
  12. Waident can support custom applications.

Proactive Planning & Advocacy

  1. Waident proactively points out critical systems and risks.
  2. Waident meets with clients on a regular basis to discuss their business goals and technology.
  3. Waident has a robust strategic partner network to satisfy all our IT needs.
  4. A Waident client server will never run out of hard drive space and caused downtime.
  5. Waident will never recommend a server or equipment upgrade because “it’s old” versus an actual business need.
  6. Waident never gets kickbacks from 3rd party consultants if they come in to help with a project.
  7. Waident shares best practices gained from across their client base.
  8. If a client asks for information to upgrade a server or other equipment, they respond with something like “Let’s start with whether it makes sense to upgrade the server.” 
  9. Waident leverages the Helpdesk activity for proactive measures (e.g., the copier has broken down X times in a month, so call for expanded service to get reliability back).
  10. Waident does a telecom audit to identify opportunities to save money.
  11. Waident proactively recommends copier and printer audits.
  12. Waident will leverage the “cloud” strategically and give clients impartial direction about it.

Every Person & Every Device

Our services integrate into your teams and their technology. If something is critical to your employees’ productivity, we keep it healthy and working. 

Strategic, Proactive, & Responsive

Our goal is to keep your people productive, your enterprise running, and your data safe no matter what fiasco comes your way—be it a pandemic, natural disaster, economic meltdown, IT vendor collapse, supply chain breakdown, or zombie apocalypse.

Resilient IT

We offer a disciplined approach to IT that is aligned with business outcomes and anticipates the imperfections of both technology and humans.  Resilient IT gives you an evergreen lens through which to make important IT decisions for the post-COVID-19 world.

Want to discuss your list of what sucks about IT?

Give us a call. We’re happy to let you know if we suck less.



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