Have you called your cable TV or internet provider lately?

by | Feb 11, 2014 | jahlberg

Have you called your ISP or cable TV provider recently? Probably not, but you should. I use AT&T U-Verse at home for TV and Internet. Have had it for years and it works great. Recently I noticed that the bill seemed high compared to all of the TV commercials I have been seeing lately so I put it on my list to check out. Also I am still using the plain old phone service instead of VOIP so I decided to investigate adding voice to my TV and internet services. It was about time to push the family in to VOIP and see if I could save some dough with a bundle of services. Well I’m glad I made the call.

Turns out that they can add promotions to your account. At least U-Verse can so I would think that other providers are doing this as well. I switched my phone service to VOIP and in the end I saved just about 50% off of my TV/Internet/Phone bills. And I have a bunch of voice features I did not have before. Also, since my family does not like change, there is an option to just make all of the existing phone jacks live with VOIP so nothing really changes besides the backend tech for the calls. Pretty cool.

It is good practice to do regular checks on your telecom and internet. We find that most companies are not doing this and they should be. When we start working with a client we do a quick review and check on their services and often find that you can get more for less with very little effort. Every year it is worth checking your invoices and making the call to the vendor (or looking around to see what the competition is doing) to see if there is anything better/faster/cheaper that you could be doing. Also be hesitant to sign any agreement for more than 2 years. Technology moves too quickly these days do don’t get hoodwinked into a long term contract.





John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

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