Time to Upgrade to Vista? – Doubt it….

by | May 27, 2008 | jahlberg

Vista, Vista, Vista. If you used it, I’m sure you have an opinion – some stronger and louder than others. I cant help but chuckle at the Mac commercials pointing out the problems with Vista. We support many users that are using Vista and I would have to say that most of them have a host of odd issues and some of them have chronic problems and are considering going back to XP. For example, my Thinkpad tablet laptop has been running Vista for over a year (I had “issues” so I did a complete rebuild about 9 months ago) and just a few weeks ago, my VPN connection seemed to barely work only giving me access to email, but no corporate drives. Rebooting didn’t help, service packs didn’t help, even spending a lot of time tweaking the network config provided no relief. I work from home nearly every night so this became a big deal.

So what did I do to fix it? Well, nothing actually. After about a week it just started working normally again. I like to have answers as to why things work or do not work so it can be managed for in the future. With Vista, there just seems to be way too many “ghosts in the machine” so my liking.

XP seems to have it good nowadays and is relatively stable and predicable. If you’ve got XP, then you might want to install SP3 which came out earlier this month.

Like I’ve said before, Vista ain’t all that bad, but it does have its long list of issues. I went to a Microsoft event that was discussing some new server applications, but it pretty quickly focused on people experience with Vista. The Microsoft employee that was giving the presentation had an interesting correlation to XP saying that when XP first came out, the hardware was barely capable of handling it, but now the hardware outpaces the operating system so XP works great. Given enough time, the same will (may?) with Vista. His comment did have some merit, so time will tell, that is unless Microsoft pulls the plug and comes out with a Vista R2 and calls it something else.

If you are thinking about rolling out Vista, check out this article on CIO.com since it has some good advice to consider.






John Ahlberg
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