The Perfect Computer Mouse For any Occasion

by | Dec 8, 2008 | jahlberg

Everyone takes there mouse for granted. I know I do. I always assumed that there may be a better or cooler mice in the world but have never bothered to find them. I ran in to this article from which lists 12 novel devices several that may be worth looking in to. I know some people that could use the mouse that warms your hand or the one that cools your hand. I particularly like the mouse that is also an IP phone. You can check out the article below.

Since I use a laptop, I use one of the Mogo Mice (see link below for details) full time. It is small and light, and more importantly, lives in the laptops PC Card slot which also keeps it charged. My only real issue is that after a year the battery does not stay charged for the day like it did before. Now I need to charge it up in the middle of the day.





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