Technology of the Month – June 2015

by | Jun 2, 2015 | jahlberg

ThinOptics Letherman AntWatch AmazonDashButton HighFive Smrtgrips ManCrate        SmartPedal        Hovertrax ZealousGood Branto_Orb

  • Mancrates – Give the gift of a Zombie Survival and other manly gifts at Man Crates.
  • Leatherman Multi-tool – A multi tool that looks like a bracelet/watch band. Pretty cool.
  • Connected Cycle Smart Pedal– A Smart bike pedal with GPS and fitness tracking
  • Solowheels Hovertrax – A Segway like device except super small and a fraction of the cost
  • Zealous Good – connects people who want to give away things to charity to charities would need them
  • Branto Smart-Home Orb – A smart home appliance that will control it all and acts as a 360 degree security camera
  • Thinoptics– Super thin reading glasses that can be stored in a smartphone case.
  • SmrtGrips – Smart bike grips that vibrate to let you know the turn by turn GPS directions to your destination.
  • Rocketbook – Pen and paper notebook that syncing digitally to the cloud and the paper can be re-used by microwaving the notebook!
  • FeelReal – A virtual reality add on that provides smells, touch. And other senses to your face.
  • Highfive – Inexpensive business class HD videoconferencing.
  • Ant Watch – The latest in watch technology. A watch that does not tell time and is full of live ants.
  • Amazon Dash Button– Interesting. A Bluetooth hardware button from Amazon to do one press ordering of items.
  • Zirx – On demand valet parking. They will even do a car wash, oil change, or other services if you want!
  • WayRay – A holographic car navigation system that projects the direction on the road and works with any car.






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