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by | Apr 12, 2010 | jahlberg This is an app for doing videoconferencing that I mentioned a while back. It works well and allows for high resolution video. I use the program to do video chats with my out of town family.  Another to try is Tokbox ( ). I think it allows you to do multi party calls, is free, and there is no client since you just need to access the website and have an account. I have not had a chance to fully test it though.

Backups! – Recently I had someone tell me that they didn’t have time to get a Mozy ( or Carbonite ( account setup for backups. I told him he was a dope since it takes just 5 minutes, only costs $60 a year, and it’s not worth losing his digital pictures and suffering the wrath of his wife if something happens. I have about 100 gigs of video and pictures backed up with Mozy. To all – Don’t be a dope and get some offsite backups in place.

ZumoDrive This service lets you store your documents, audio files, pictures, etc. in the cloud. The system then lets you access those file from pretty much any device or from the web and even stores a cached copy locally on your PC. This type of setup will also protect you if your machine fails since the files reside in the cloud so you inherently have a backup copy offsite.

Disney World Apps – For spring break we did a family trip to Disney World so I decided to leverage my Verizon Droid and bring along some Disney apps. Both of these apps are also available for the iPhone.

  • WDW Lines – This application and service by Touring Plans ( allows you to pull up a Disney park and view the wait for the ride times, fast pass times, historical wait times for the rides, among a host of other features. It worked very well and came in handy since we could look up the attraction we wanted to go to and get an idea of how long the line may be. This helped a lot to avoid us walking to an attraction to just find out the line was too long.
  • WDW Maps Box Set – This application is from U Pinpoint ( and allows you to pull up maps of the parks with labels for all of the attractions, eateries, restrooms, and other information about the park. You could even find a restaurant and pull up the menu with pricing to see if it is worth going to. It had the ability to leverage GPS and show where you were on the map, although it did not allow you to put in an attraction and navigate you to that site. Overall, it worked great.





John Ahlberg
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