Date(s) - 06/19/2015
7:30 am - 9:30 am

XNet Information Systems

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This is an invitation only event. Seating is limited to about 12 people so register early if you want to attend.


  • Where – Xnet Information Systems, 3080 Ogden Avenue, Suite 303, Lisle
  • Call or email me with questions – or cell @ 630.788.0446


Roger Breisch – Past TED speaker

Barriers to Creativity: Your Brain is Lying to You

The human brain is the most complex organism we have yet to discover. It is wondrous in its ability to negotiate life. However, if we are not careful, the human brain can misinterpret the world. It can easily block us, and those around us, from accessing our our most creative ideas. It can prevent us from creating the organizations, and lives, about which we dream. Roger will help us discern where the human brain may be leading us astray, and suggest ways to nurture truly creative organizations, and live more appreciative lives.


  • Networking for 30 minutes
  • Meeting kickoff
  • Everyone gets a few minutes to discuss their target client and the top challenges/needs
  • Speaker presents
  • Networking

This event is based upon getting a group of peers in a room to briefly discuss each of our current business challenges or needs. Think of it as a peer advisory group. The goal is to tell everyone your top 3 challenges and/or needs and to get input and feedback from the group. In the end, we create networking opportunities outside of the group to be connectors and advisors to each other. For me this leads to getting coffee individually to discuss the need/want in greater detail or allowing us to become connectors for each other.

This is not the kind of networking meeting where the goal is to sell stuff to the people in the room. Leave that at the door and enter with the goal of just plain helping others.

Each month the Speaker will present a topic for group discussion. This person will also be responsible for bringing in the coffee/food for the group.


Registration is closed for this event.

  • Greg Woodard
  • Don Stephen
  • Jeanne Busch
  • Michael Cipriano
  • John Fix