Droid – Still loving it after 5 months

by | Apr 12, 2010 | jahlberg

I’ve had quite a few people lately ask me if I still like my Droid. My response has been a consistent “absolutely” and I still recommend the device to anyone who is looking for a smartphone with a large touch screen and some iPhone like qualities. To date, this is the only smartphone that I continue to really enjoy using and continue to find it extremely useful after months of use. 

As a company we support all makes and models of smartphones. Because of this, we are in a constant flow of using all of the new devices that hit the market and can gauge how we like them and how our clients like and use them. I remember not too long ago when the Motorola Q came out and everyone was clamoring for the new toy. It looked great, but quickly people got overwhelmed by the mediocrity of the performance and features so they traded them in for a Blackberry. I used a Q for a while for testing and after a couple of days, hit the wall and ran back to my old device. This seems to be a similar experience with most smartphones, but not with some of the recent ones like the iPhone and Droid. 

General Droid comments

  • Durability – This device is built like a tank and has the extra heft to feel like it as well. I’ve dropped the phone on the street screen down and watched it slide a few feet in horror. After 5 months the screen is still perfect, without a scratch, and only a few nicks on the black metal sides of the device.
  • Keyboard – it ain’t the greatest, but it gets the job done and I got used to it quickly enough.
  • Apps – There seems to be an application for everything I need and more coming online every day. The built-in Android operating system has had 2 updates with each one providing more functionality and improvements.
  • Battery – so far the battery is going strong. Much better than my old Windows device that would die after about a half a day. The Droid is still going strong by the end of the day with plenty of juice to keep going.
  • Phone/Data – the phone calls have always been loud and crisp so no complaints there. The data connectivity has been great. When I have a good signal I can get more than 1 mg up/down which is plenty of speed.  

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John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

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