Delay your Outlook outgoing emails on purpose

by | Feb 10, 2010 | jahlberg

We have all been there – You click on Send and then an instant later you realize with great dread that you forgot to add the attachment, didn’t finish the thought, or even worse, had the wrong recipient in the email because you hit reply instead of forward. I know for me, there is some sixth sense that usually catches my mishaps the moment I click Send and I am left wishing there was a way to stop the delivery so I can update my message.

Greg Woodard with Woodmark Technologies has come up with an elegant solution. Just have your emails sit in your Outbox for 60 seconds before they actually get sent. This allows you to grab the message if you need to without causing any real delay in the delivery. One caveat…this may cause a problem with the Outlook Delayed Delivery option so if you use that feature, be aware.  Check out his blog entry to see how it is done.






John Ahlberg
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