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Our clients say it best

“Waident Makes Me a Better Lawyer by Solving My IT Problems”

Ronnie KamkaPaint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department?

With our old vendor, we would be charged on an as-needed basis so there was no way we could budget. When we would have issues we had to wait for a person to come to our office. Sometimes the wait would be within a few hours but other times we had to wait for at least a day. It was also a crapshoot if the person we got really knew what he was doing.

With Waident, we now know what our costs are going to be each month. When we have issues we can call or email and within a very short time frame a knowledgeable person can remote in and resolve the problem.

What does Waident do particularly well?

– Quick response time
– Very knowledgeable IT personnel
– Comprehensive IT service
– Turn IT into a tool for your business versus a time consuming expense
– A great way to save on employee expenses and outsource your IT department

Are there any standout projects or examples of how Waident worked with you or others in your firm that you’d like to call out as particularly exemplary?

I am impressed with John Ahlberg. When we were first thinking of getting a new IT company, we felt he was honest (and still feel that way today) and that he was not out to get that almighty dollar at our expense. I am also very pleased with Sean Hanna. Recently we decided to get a new phone system. He was involved from the very beginning and was at our firm the day the system was changed to make sure there were no problems. He asked that he be informed in everything that the broker/phone company/internet company suggested or was going to provide us with. I can’t say enough good things about Sean – Waident is lucky to have him.

Bret RappaportOne of our attorneys Bret Rappaport had this to say about Waident, “I come from a generation who knew a world before computers, but I have had to adapt. In doing so, when an IT issue arises, I am usually at a loss, and frustrated. After going through a series of in-house and out-sourced IT consultants in my 25 years of practicing law, we have finally found one that can do the job with competence, professionalism and promptness. When I call or email, Waident is there. When the problem is small, Waident is there. When the problem is large, Waident is there. Waident makes me a better lawyer by solving my IT problems, and allowing me to focus on my clients, not my computer.”

Ronnie Kamka is Office Manager and Bret Rappaport is an attorney with Hardt, Stern & Kayne, P.C. Hardt, Stern & Kayne is a progressive, creative and flexible Chicago-area law firm with a national and local, broad-based, corporate, transaction, real estate, family law and litigation practice. The firm has a specialty in serving automobile dealers and real estate developers. This smaller boutique firm maintains a collegial environment and provide personal, cost effective, logical, creative and commonsense litigation services to its clients.

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“Waident’s Approach is Much More Proactive”

BJ SwannerPaint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department?

When I joined Epic Land Solutions in 2008, there was just one part-time IT person somehow managing four offices and supporting about 30 users. One of my first projects was working with Waident to upgrade our infrastructure with new hardware and servers and converting to VOIP. We initially brought in Waident just to get us over this project hump, but we had a really good experience and decided to retain them on an ongoing basis. We were impressed by their knowledge and responsiveness.

Prior to working with Waident, we were putting out a lot of fires with the contractors who support our business. We shifted to providing laptops for these contractors, which Waident then used Waident Watch to remotely monitor and manage. This remote management means that our contractors get better support and no longer need to come in to an office for service.

What does Waident do particularly well?

We are a pretty reactive business. Without Waident, strategic IT projects would get relegated to the back burner until something went wrong. Waident’s approach is much more proactive, constantly monitoring our servers and managing virus/malware updates. Issues get reported instantly!

I consider Waident a part of my larger IT team of internal staff rather than just vendors or consultants. In fact, they make it easier to work with other vendors. For example, we were having slow response time from our hosted router vendor, so Waident got access to login information. Waident gives me faster response time so I’m not waiting on the vendor.

Are there any standout projects or examples of how Waident worked with you or others in your firm that you’d like to call out as particularly exemplary?

We continue to grow, and recently it was time to upgrade our servers again. Waident proactively suggested that we move to a virtual server, something we knew nothing about. It’s one of the best things we’ve ever done! We now have test environments and easily expandable capacity.

BJ Swanner is IT Manager for Epic Land Solutions, Inc., a California UDBE, Oregon M/W/ESB, and Washington M/W/DBE full-service real property/right of way consulting firm whose purpose is to acquire and manage real property interests needed by clients to construct infrastructure facilities.

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“Took Away My Worries about Technology”

Larry StricklandPaint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department?

Our technology used to be managed by a gentleman who was doing hourly IT support. As we progressed, we found we were beyond his capabilities. He had a day job, and wasn’t always available when we needed him.

My switch to Waident took away my worries about technology, and has freed up my time so I can focus on my business.

What does Waident do particularly well?

My staff and I have been really happy with Waident. I no longer have to worry about technology because they are proactive about suggesting new software I might need, managing my data back-ups, and enhancing systems I already have.

Are there any standout projects or examples of how Waident worked with you or others in your firm that you’d like to call out as particularly exemplary?

I like that they can satisfy all my technology needs, and are available 24/7 for emergencies. Whether I’m at work or at home on my personal computer, they can access my computer and take care of any issues.

Larry Strickland is Owner and General Manager for Brouwer Brothers Services of Chicago. The company has been providing the finest cleaning and restoration services to both homeowners and businesses since 1968. From carpet and air duct cleaning to emergency fire, smoke, and water damage restoration, Brouwer Brothers is a full-service solution for dirt or disaster, and serves the entire Chicagoland area including all of Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County of Illinois and also Lake County of NW Indiana.

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“Very Quick Response Time”

Jon OestermeyerPaint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department?

Before we brought Waident on board, I provided IT support as time allowed. When we had 10-12 people, it was not that bad. As a technology-based company, we have people who could do many things themselves. We found as we grew, however, that we were often solving problems the quick way versus the right way.

Waident has helped us build technical processes and procedures that are more appropriate for a growing 90-person company. For example, they helped us move from a hosted email provider with all their limitations to our own Exchange server. This move has helped us communicate more effectively with our customers. Also, we can now manage and troubleshoot issues ourselves versus waiting in line with the vendor to get resolution.

What does Waident do particularly well?

Waident has a very quick response time. It is rarely more than one or two hours between request and resolution. Our employees are technically smart enough to be dangerous, and Waident will often suggest quick fixes to empower us to solve some issues ourselves.

Our Waident relationship started with helpdesk support, but we’ve found that as our organization has grown they have helped us think about the technology landscape overall. They proactively suggest possible infrastructure improvements like database upgrades.

Are there any standout projects or examples of how Waident worked with you or others in your firm that you’d like to call out as particularly exemplary?

Waident has great availability when we need them. Just the other day, one of our team members put a service request in at 7 pm at night, and was corresponding after-hours with a Waident support person, who delivered the solution.

Jon Oestermeyer is CIO and Director, Customer Care, for RightPoint Consulting LLC, which creates world class digital solutions that drive profitable growth and sustainable competitive advantage for its clients. The company combines user-centered design, innovative technologies and strategic alignment to deliver the right solution the first time. RightPoint’s clients include Abbott, BP, Culligan, Feldco, Kimberly-Clark, New Balance, Whirlpool, Ulta Beauty and the University of Chicago.

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“Waident Has IT under Control”

Erin WalshPaint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department?

We used to have a smaller IT company — basically just one guy — helping us. We were in trouble if he wasn’t available, especially as we grew in size. Now we just send an email, and somebody on the Waident team can quickly help us.

What does Waident do particularly well?

Waident’s greatest strength is their responsiveness. They get back to us relatively quickly on our standard requests, and urgent requests are turned around even faster. Since we don’t have anyone here at NorthCape who is technically savvy, I also appreciate their high-level guidance and annual technology recommendations. They help me think through network and security issues and are very conscious of not throwing around a lot of money for projects. They go over the details of a project so I feel like I understand. But mostly I like not having to think about technology because Waident has it under control.

Are there any standout projects or examples of how Waident worked with you or others in your firm that you’d like to call out as particularly exemplary?

We recently needed a new phone system. Waident guided us through the process and helped us filter out different vendors to so we could make the right selection based on our needs and budget.

Erin Walsh is Principal for Chicago-based NorthCape International, which is a leading provider of high-quality, high-value furniture and accessories. The company offers a wide range of indoor/outdoor products including round and flat resin, extruded and cast aluminum, sling, upholstered and resin loom outdoor furniture and accessories that stand the test of time, weather and wear.

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“Truly Functions as an Extension of My Business”

Terrence MoorePaint a before and after picture of having Waident as your virtual IT department?

Previously I used an outsourced firm, but I was unhappy with them for three reasons. First, they were surly. They never seemed to want to be bothered. They did the bare minimum — nothing more. Second, I was frustrated by what felt like inappropriate charges, and, despite efforts at resolution, I continually had to challenge the billing. I eventually gave up. Third, they weren’t responsive to the overall state of my business. We had recently gone through a downsizing, and I needed help to adjust my IT infrastructure appropriately for our company going forward. They had no interest in or perspective on helping us right-size for the future.

With Waident, I get the responsive, helpful support I expect and with predictable monthly billing. They bring a holistic, business-oriented approach to planning my infrastructure, anticipating my needs.

What does Waident do particularly well?

Instead of the standard “break/fix” model, Waident truly functions as an extension of my organization. John Ahlberg and his team make an effort to understand my business and where we’re headed. They take the initiative to identify opportunities from the very beginning.

Are there any standout projects or examples of how Waident worked with you or others in your firm that you’d like to call out as particularly exemplary?

We recently moved offices and needed to change our phone system. The vendor inappropriately combined internet/phone lines, resulting in horrible phone service. Sean Hanna stayed on the issue, working with the vendor and my internal team until it was resolved. This persistence and commitment to closure is a defining characteristic for Waident. They never fail to follow-up, asking, “How have we done? Have we solved the problem to your satisfaction?” By “closing the loop”, Waident ensures the problem has been resolved, not just buried.

Terrence D. Moore is an Owner and serves on the Board of Directors for Aspen Earthmoving. The company is a market leader in the field of excavation in the Aspen-area of Colorado. Aspen Earthmoving specialize in excavation, site grading, utilities installation, road construction, concrete, trucking, trails and environmental work for projects of all sizes. The company is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner to benefit community, clients, stakeholders, and the environment. Mr. Moore also acts as Principal in the advisory practice, Best Way Advisors, which serves a broad array of emerging companies across the business landscape to build durable, consistently profitable companies well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that each stage of the market cycle presents.

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John Ahlberg
CEO, Waident

CIO in the corporate world and now for Waident clients. John injects order and technology into business process to keep employees productive, enterprises running, and data safe.


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