Best BlackBerry Shortcuts

by | Feb 22, 2008 | jahlberg

We could all use a helpful trick or two for our Blackberry so check out the article below on by Aflac’s Technology Concierge. I love the fact that Aflac provides a service to its employees like this since we provide much of the same to our clients. We regularly get calls from Blackberry users, and all too often, we end up telling them to pull the battery and reboot their device when they are having “odd” problems. Looks like we are not the only ones who know this trick since the Technology Concierge at Aflac has found that 95 percent of her problems are fixed buy simply pulling the battery for a reboot.

And don’t forget the basics listed below:

When in a list of messages, or when reading a message:
T- Top
B- Bottom
Space bar- next page
Num shift + Space bar – previous page

When in a list of messages:
N- go to Next day
P- go to Prev day

Definitely worth the read if you have a Blackberry and want to save some time doing daily tasks on the device.

Best BlackBerry Shortcuts: Aflac’s Mobile Guru Shares Tips






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