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by | Nov 7, 2011 | jahlberg

  • Microsoft OmniTouch – Not ready for prime time but the concept is interesting. They are leveraging their XBox 360 Kinect technology to provide a future concept of interacting with your smartphone on any surface. I find it amazing that it can track in 3D and intelligently follow your hand as the control surface. Click here for the article and video demo.
  • Lytro ( – This is a new way of taking pictures. This is a light field camera which in essence, takes a picture of the entire field of view and not just focusing on one pane like regular cameras. This gives incredible depth to the image and allows you to focus on anything in the image after the picture is taken. Not sure of the practical value but it is interesting nonetheless.
  • Google App Inventor ( – Build your own Android app the “easy” way. I have not given it a try yet but plan to check it out.






John Ahlberg
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